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Press Reviews

What people are saying

What stands out in Eva Cortés is not the modernity of her phrasing but the aplomb and freshness with which she alters what some would call orthodox. Eva has attitude, strength, confidence and one can feel the class she possesses. 

Luís Martín - ABC

What peolple are saying

They say that her live shows are really worth seeing, that the girl really has something. She’s not short either of improvisation and taste.

Javier Martínez - EL MUNDO

What peolple are saying

Eva Cortes has a warm and natural voice that adapts with apparent ease to a style between jazz and flamenco. Best of all is that this, without doubt, is a jazz record. 

E. Hojman - Cuadernos de Jazz

What peolple are saying

Eva’s got repertory and personality and her linguistic choices allow her to assume height and distance… 

José Manuel Gómez - Revista Tiempo